Find Out The Real Reasons Why Your Ex Boyfriend Is Ignoring You After The Break Up

You used to have all of his attention constantly. He even gave up his video game all-nighters to cuddle with you and watch romantic comedies. Now, it seems that time has come and gone. It feels as if nothing can regain his attention. You’ve tried everything short of jumping up and down in front of him in your old High School cheerleader uniform (and you would have tried, but you must have misplaced it somewhere) and nothing has made any difference. Maybe it’s time to stop trying the same thing over and over again while hoping that something will work. Maybe it’s time to realize that you may be going about things the wrong way and it’s time to try something new.

Typically you wouldn’t be able to keep your ex away – he’d be asking about you in an attempt to get some information. He’d be curious as to what you’ve been up to. It’s uncommon for a guy to take off and never look back. If you find yourself stuck in that position, then it may be time to come to terms with the idea that he may have your replacement in mind. If that’s the case, none of your attempts to regain his attention will work out very well – it’s time to change up your plan of action.

Unless he’s already got his eye on another prize, he’s going to be curious – even after you break up. His bond with you that developed over the course of your relationship will play around in his mind and he may even find himself feeling a bit envious. His jealousy will come into play especially if he’s at a standstill while you’re clearly moving forward.

You find yourself in a totally unexpected situation, though, and you have no idea which direction to turn. You haven’t heard a peep from your ex since the breakup was final. Not a single text has been received. No random phone calls or voicemails have appeared, and your email inbox is empty. This situation can be a hard one to face, but you may have fallen prey to common errors in judgment that come into play after an unexpected or undesired breakup. Don’t feel bad – a lot of women have gone through the same thing. Behaving incorrectly can push your ex even further away and cement the breakup even more in his mind. This can be a temporary silence while you both wait out your emotions and let your tempers cool – or it can be permanent.

Go over the list for yourself and allow yourself to be honest. Are you guilty of one of these mistakes? More than one? All of them and then some? It’s okay. The important thing now is to recognize the error of your ways and work to correct the problem while you still can. If you’re guilty of most of these offenses, be prepared for the realization that getting your ex-boyfriend back may be more of a challenge than you had in mind. But most of these mistakes can, thankfully, be corrected.

You Haven’t Faced Reality

Until your boyfriend is able to visually see you let go of the fight and accept that the breakup is a reality, he will probably avoid you like a network blackout on game night. It’s easy. No one wants to feel the continual pressure of someone constantly pushing them to reverse a decision that they’ve made. No one wants to feel as if they’re always walking into a battle where they have to fight for every step they take. If you have any communication with your ex at all, it will most likely be because you started it, and it will be over as fast as it began.

Despite common opinion, not all guys are lacking in the brain department – they know what you’re up to. If you’re still harboring feelings for him, it will be written all over your face, and concealer doesn’t hide that kind of thing. While you may think that you are fighting for what you want and trying to prove your commitment to the relationship and to him, you’re only making any chance of getting together less likely. Your chances diminish with each moment that you continue to deny the reality of the situation and accept that the relationship has taken place.

Instead of fighting tooth and nail (and you don’t want to ruin your manicure, do you?) just take a deep breath and let it go. It happened, and history has shown us that you can’t take back things that have already taken place. You need to look at this as starting over from the bottom and rebuilding things from the ground up instead of trying to put out a five-alarm fire when it’s already too late.

You need to take steps to create a clean slate or else your chances are severely limited. You’ll come across as desperate, not passionate, and he’s more likely than ever to determine that you’re needy or desperate and take a hike. Once he loses respect for you, all bets are off and your opportunity to get him back will be gone.

Look at the other side for a minute. What would happen if you simply accepted the breakup, even though you don’t want it to happen? You’ll appear together and in control of your emotions. If you combine your newfound rationality with severing ties and simply walking away, you’re increasing the chances for a future run-in with your ex that will lean towards the positive. No one wants to appear desperate or emotional. If he sees you as mature instead, he’ll be more open to communication. He won’t be afraid that you’ll start begging for another chance every time you see him.

You’re Obsessive with your Attempts at Contact

If you’re guilty of this common mistake, you’ve stepped into the communication mistake that a lot of women make. All you’re accomplishing by flooding his cell phone with texts or voicemails or blowing out his email box is ruining your chance for reconciliation one message at a time. Your attempt to stay “friends” or your constant attempts to reverse his decision is leading on the path to nowhere, and it’s a one way trip.

Being friends with an ex-boyfriend immediately following a breakup is always a mistake if you want to rekindle your romance. If you get categorized as a friend and only a friend, he’ll change the way he sees you alright, but it will be completely counterproductive to your end goal. Don’t fall prey to this attempt to keep him in your life – it will only backfire.

Avoid the often irresistible temptation to pick up that phone after your breakup and dial his number. Maybe it’s a good idea to delete his number altogether. A breakup is a difficult situation to begin with, and calling him nonstop will only make a bad situation worse. You’ll put him on edge and make him uncomfortable despite your best efforts. He’s trying to avoid you on purpose – let him. Any conversation you do have would only spell disaster.

Texts or emails seem innocent enough, right? You can still send him the funny joke or story that you heard at work without any negative repercussions, can’t you? All you’re doing here is extending your own breakup indefinitely. He’ll know that he still has you waiting in the wings, and that all he has to do is snap to get you back. If you’re constantly blowing up his Facebook or texting him at all hours of the night, how will he ever realize he misses you? You never left.

You’re Attempting Emotional Manipulation

You may think that making your ex feel guilty about the breakup or getting him to feel sorry for you is the answer to all your problems. While they may successfully get his attention at first, but pretty soon you’ll notice that there’s no one there to feel sorry for you – he’s run for the hills and taken your last chance to get back together with him.

If playing the guilt card seems to work for a while, how long do you think that relationship would last? Relationships built on guilt are doomed to fail no matter what you do. If you get back together with your ex because of a crafty and well-played guilt trip, he’ll be gone again before you know it – and this time he’ll be gone for good.

Would you be attracted to a sobbing, hysterical mess? He’s not either. Men look for women who are independent and in charge of their own lives. Dealing with someone who is constantly looking for reassurance or likely to fall into an emotional pit of despair at the drop of a hat is no one’s ideal partner. How would you feel if you were faced with that? Would it be successful at winning your attraction? Of course the answer is no. So why do you think it would work on him? It’s difficult to respect someone who you pity, and if he loses his respect for you, your chances of getting back together just melted away.

You’re Simply Not Moving Forward

Sitting at home on the couch just waiting for your ex to call is the same as putting a burlap bag over your head – no one can notice that you’re attractive. In fact, it’s kind of a turn off. You don’t want to fall into the doldrums of depression. Yeah, breakups are hard and they play to your negativity beautifully – but you can’t let that continue. Unless you want your ex to wonder what he ever saw in you to begin with, you want to avoid the desperation card.

Depression not only plagues your self-confidence, but it changes you from the inside out. You start losing sight of the person that you used to be and the outside world starts slipping away. Unless you start to take action now and take control of your situation, you’re going to realize that you’ve lost your connection to yourself – and that’s more valuable than any romantic relationship.

Your best chance of winning back your ex-boyfriend’s heart is to remember the way you used to be. Why did he fall for you back in the beginning? What quirky character traits did he find irresistible? He couldn’t get enough of you – and you CAN get that person back. The best way to win control over your life is to simply get on with it. Go out and enjoy yourself. Remember how good it feels to smile, and to be carefree and happy. If you do this successfully, your ex will start to be jealous of your newfound happiness – and that you’ve managed to regain it without him.

Don’t let yourself become the girl that’s just waiting for her ex to change his mind. You never want to make someone your priority while they only consider you an option. Reverse his expectations and take him by surprise. Turn yourself into a person that he’d be proud to be with again. Only then can you start to make real steps in the right direction and get his attention in a positive way.

Make the Silent Treatment Stop

If you’ve figured out the reason for his sudden silence and you’re banging your head on the desk, stop. There’s still hope. Now is not the time to beat yourself up for past mistakes, it’s time to take action! Your ideal weapon now is his natural curiosity. You want him to wonder what’s going on in your life and what’s keeping you busy. He’s going to think about the fact that he hasn’t heard from you in a while, and he’ll want to know what changed. Stop your old patterns and stay out of sight.

The last thing in the world he wants is for you to disappear. Double standards run rampant in breakup scenarios, and while he feels justified in ignoring you, he doesn’t want you to do the same. You want your whereabouts and actions to be a mystery and build on his male curiosity.

Knowing that you’re out there and that you still have feelings for him has been a huge boost to his ego. He will feel powerful and in control of his life – he knows that he can always go back to you if nothing else comes his way, so he feels like he can have anything he wants. You want to take that security away from him – you’re not a security blanket and he shouldn’t treat you like one. Show him that you’re not just going to wait around for him to change his mind – you’re moving on, and you’re confident. Who WOULDN’T want to be with you? That, for the record, includes your ex.

Silently but Successfully Get His Attention Back

You’ve spent the last weeks or even months trying to think of any plausible excuse in the book to contact your ex. Okay, maybe you’ve even gone for some implausible excuses – do you really think he fell for the call where you said your cat was missing and you thought it might have made its way all across town to his apartment? All you’ve done is pushed him even further away, and you didn’t even realize it.

In order to be successful, he needs to be the one chasing you, and it’s easier than you think. Start doing your own thing. Enjoy yourself and have a good time. Allow his natural hunting instincts to kick in. Let him seek you out. It will happen a lot faster than you may think.

He Still Isn’t Responding

If none of these things are working, you still don’t have to go into panic mode just yet. Relax and take a few (dozen) deep breaths. Maybe a more significant approach is warranted. Now is the time for you to force his mindset to change, and you need to do it now.

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