Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back – Look Out For These

If you’re currently in the process of trying to get your ex-boyfriend back, it’s important to consider the affect it is having on him. You desperately want to know if anything you’re doing is working in your favor or if you have to change tactics and try something new. Regardless of how the relationship ended, there will be visible clues that can help you in determining your ex’s feelings towards you – you just have to know where you can find them.

At the moment, you feel like you’re pushing a boulder uphill. Sometimes you feel as if you’re moving in the right direction but it’s hard to tell if you’re making any progress. It feels like you’re doing all the work, and right now you are. While discouragement may constantly be looming on the horizon, don’t let it get you down. If you can find the signs that you’re moving in the right direction it is much easier to proceed confidently.

If you’ve noticed even the slightest change in his attitude towards you or his behavior, it’s probably a wonderful feeling. It seems to revitalize your efforts and reenergize your attempts. Simply resetting your mind from discouragement to hope can be vitally important towards achieving your goals.

Remember that you can’t simply fall back on methods that may have worked for you before – even if they worked on the same guy. Just like every person is different, every situation is different and so is every breakup. You need to pay attention to the little signs that something you’re doing is having a positive effect. If it is working, the best thing to do is to keep doing it. You can put any other ideas on hold and devote your efforts to what’s getting you the best result.

If he’s interested in you at all, it will not be something that will fly under the radar. Certain things that he does or says will take on a new tone and a new meaning despite his best efforts to hide them. You need to look into all of the conversations that you have with your ex and try to read between the lines – try to uncover his mindset at this particular moment and whether or not he’s interested in a possible romantic relationship again.

Into the Male Mind – Why Does He Still Have Feelings For You

After a particularly difficult breakup, it’s easy to see why a lot of people simply give up. They think the situation is hopeless or they don’t want their hurt feelings to get worse. They’re afraid of opening themselves up to further pain and they’re so blinded by this fear that they fail to see what’s right in front of them – the fact that their ex may still love them even though they’re broken up.

Emotional bonds between two people grow over time and they don’t simply disappear the second he tells you that he’s leaving you. These feelings are precisely the reason that most guys will avoid their ex-girlfriends like the plague immediately following a breakup. These emotions are all still raw and on the surface – and once you can get past the bad parts of a relationship, it’s easy to be overwhelmed again with the positive. If your ex is avoiding you and not returning any of your calls it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about you anymore – it means that he’s afraid that he’ll be overcome by these feelings and want to continue the relationship. They’re afraid that you’ll be able to remind them of how good things were and that they’ll end up changing their minds.

No matter how quickly your feelings began for each other, they had to be deepened and strengthened over time. As time progressed, you started to feel those emotional ties to each other and they were made stronger by every memory you shared. Everything you did together played its part in uniting the two of you physically and emotionally and those feelings kept growing throughout the length of your relationship. Even though you’re broken up, those feelings still exist for both of you. Thinking that they would just simply disappear with nothing more than a snap of the fingers is silly.

Common Signs That He’s Still In Love with You

If your ex is displaying any of the common signals below, he’s probably not ready to simply move on. If you’re seeing more than one, it’s a pretty clear sign that he’s still thinking about your relationship and he’s just not ready to walk away even though he ended the relationship. While this improves your chances of getting him back, it’s still no guarantee. He ended things for a reason and that still has to be addressed before you can both move forward. These signs are simply a positive step in the right direction.

He has constantly initiated and maintained contact even after breaking up

If you’ve ever ended a relationship with a guy and knew concretely that it was the best move for you, you probably were able to leave without a second thought and you didn’t waste any time second-guessing yourself. You had no trouble ignoring or avoiding your ex and took pains to not do anything that could be considered as giving him hope.

If your ex-boyfriend isn’t doing that, he’s just not ready to walk away entirely. He may be unsure about the breakup or curious about what you’ll do next. He wants to be able to do whatever he wants but he likes knowing that you’re still there. You may think that if he’s paying any attention to you after leaving you that it’s a good sign and it improves your chances of getting him back.

While it may be true that maintaining contact with you means he still cares for you, allowing that contact to continue is not doing yourself any favors. You don’t want to be his buddy, and you don’t want to be considered “one of the guys”. You want a romance with him and you want to continue your relationship. Getting into the friend zone is not the way to make that happen.

You don’t want him to see you as someone he can run to with all his problems – you need him to see you as a potential romantic partner again. The Magic of Making Up can help you change his perspective back to a romantic one and renew his interest.

He calls you when he’s drunk or late at night

When you’re thinking about someone constantly, you automatically want to talk to them. You want to feel that bond again. Avoiding that urge may be difficult throughout the day. You can occupy yourself with other things – throw yourself into work, go to the gym or hang out with friends. At night finding a suitable distraction can be a lot more difficult and resisting that temptation to pick up the phone may be nearly impossible.

If your ex is drunk or it’s really late, he’s appealing to you at his weakest points. He’s unintentionally showing you that he’s vulnerable and reaching out. When drunk, your natural impulses often take control and it’s harder to talk yourself out of doing something that you want to do. So he reaches for that phone because you’re on his mind, and he’s wrapped up in thoughts about the past.

He inserts himself into your circle of friends or your family

Reconnecting with the people in your life that are closest to you has a double benefit for your ex-boyfriend. He think that by interacting with your family or friends he can get a sense of where you are and how you’re dealing with the breakup. He may be looking for information or putting test feelers out there to see if you’d be interested in getting back together. It’s also a convenient way to make himself a part of your everyday life again. You talk to your friends and family often. If he’s there, it is a handy way of reestablishing contact and a great excuse to see you again.

This should be a giant red flashing sign to you that your breakup may be at an end. Guys usually won’t make bold maneuvers like this unless they’re sure that they want to reconnect. Your ex would have no reason to be in touch with your family unless he was trying to get to you – that’s when you can almost count on taking the first tentative steps as a couple again.

He Asks To Stay Friends

Staying friends may seem like the ultimate dead end for your romantic hopes. It can be the absolute worst thing to hear. The friend speech is notorious in romantic comedies and in stories worldwide. It compounds the pain of the breakup and makes you want to throw something at your ex – but there is a hidden meaning underneath those words that often goes unnoticed. It may be possible that he’s trying to spare your feelings and just be nice – but if he’s insistent and genuinely wants a friendship, he’s telling you loud and clear that he’s not ready to fully say goodbye.

If your ex-boyfriend is a normal, well-adjusted, healthy male he probably has plenty of friends – and he really doesn’t need his ex to be one of them. He’s simply trying to keep you just within reach in case he changes his mind about the breakup. He wants you to become his backup plan if nothing else works out the way he’d like.

Staying friends with an ex may seem innocent enough, but if you’re looking to get back together it’s never a good plan. If you remain friends, that friendship will fade away the second he finds someone new. He’ll avoid you in order to protect his new relationship and all thoughts of friendship are forgotten.

While staying friends is bad for your plans moving forward, the fact that he’s asking is a positive thing. He doesn’t want to face the reality of losing you completely and he doesn’t want you to disappear from his life completely. If you’re well prepared in advance if this situation comes up, you’ll know how to react to protect the future of your potential relationship and your feelings as well.

He Wants You To Know About Him Being Single

If your ex starts going out of his way to make sure that you know he’s available, it a definite step in the right directly. He wants to see where you stand, and he’s fishing for information without having to come right out and ask. He thinks he’s being tricky about it but it’s blatantly obvious. The male ego expects an ex-girlfriend to avoid the dating scene for a while after a breakup. They see this as a sign that you’re still interested in possibly reconnecting and that because of that hope, you won’t start anything new.

If he starts talking to you like the two of you are still together and filling in the details of what he’s been up to, it’s a definite sign. He’s asking you without saying a single word to return the favor and let him know that you’re still available if he’s interested.

He Starts Turning on the Charm or Flirting

Did you used to think that you were dating prince charming? He always knew exactly what to say and when to say it to send your heart plummeting down to the ground and back up again. Somewhere during the relationship, prince charming turned into something else that should remain nameless and all that positive attention seemed to fade. Now, all of a sudden, you’re getting a look at that guy again. He’s holding open doors and running around the car to open that door for you as well. If he hasn’t done that since your first date, it’s a definite sign that he’s interested.

Flirting can be a sign that he’s looking to reconnect – but maybe not in the relationship sense. He could be lonely and craving some physical attention. He sees you as an option because you used to have that connection – so he thinks that you’d be willing to do it again as a hook-up. If he’s truly interested, expect to see a little hesitation as his nerves kick in. If he’s simply looking for a night’s fun he’ll be a lot more obvious.

If your ex is suddenly taking notice of your new outfit or paying you endless compliments on your appearance, you just scored big. This is the number one way to tell if he’s interested and still has feelings for you. This shows that he doesn’t see you as just a friend and he finds you attractive. If he wasn’t interested at least on some level, he wouldn’t bother.

He accepts responsibility for breaking up or continually apologizes

If your ex-boyfriend suddenly takes an interest in discussing the circumstances surrounding your breakup and goes out of his way to express regret or apologize for your hurt feelings, he’s clearly displaying his feelings for you. If he was truly happy with his single life and looking to move forward, he wouldn’t be thinking about the past and he certainly wouldn’t be bringing the subject up with you. He probably wants the chance to start over and build something new with you rather than keeping the past in play.

He Wants Your Advice

It may be hard for your guy to ask for (or hear) helpful advice. In healthy relationships, and equal partnership is necessary to maintain the balance and both people support, encourage and help the other. If he’s specifically going out of his way to ask your advice after a breakup, some parts of him still see the two of you as a couple.

Using specific techniques at this point to bring to life the memories of the beginning stages of your dating relationship can do the trick here. This can reset the way he thinks of you and trigger his interest in dating you again.

He Wants To Meet Up

Any guy who is confident in their reasons for breaking up with their ex will not under any circumstances want to talk to – let alone see- that person. He took off for the hills like he was being chased by a pit bull and you barely had a chance to say goodbye. If he’s asking you to meet up now, he’s looking to get something of the past back.

Meeting you takes his feelings to the next level. He wants to see you face to face and isn’t content with a simple text or phone call. This can be a huge sign that he’s seriously missing you and wanting to spend time with you in person. He may not be ready to ask you out again, but he is considering the possibility. Relax and enjoy your time together and don’t push him into any decisions. You have the upper hand, so take it slow and allow him to set the pace.

What if He Isn’t Showing Any Signs?

The absence of any of the signs listed above doesn’t necessarily mean that all hope is lost. He feels the need to focus on the future – and that means letting go of the past. Instead of accepting his feelings and confronting them head-on, he’d rather avoid them. If this is allowed to continue, then any feelings he has for you will eventually start to go away naturally. If you want to get back together, you need to come up with a plan to bring those feelings back and make him deal with them in the here and now.

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