How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You

Missing someone is one of the most common reasons that couples get back together after a breakup. You may have even done it before yourself. Missing someone causes the mind to think of all the positive and enjoyable time that you spent with that person. It heightens the good memories and minimizes the bad. In order to turn the tables on your breakup, your key move is going to be getting your ex-boyfriend to miss you and want you as a part of his life. Once you can accomplish that, the rest of the process is easy.

The fastest way to trigger those pleasant feelings in your ex-boyfriend’s mind is to use his own memories. You two probably had a lot of great times together and did some things that were truly unforgettable. You hold onto those memories and value them – and so does he. Bringing those memories to light is one of the main ways to trigger that emotional connection again, but it’s not as easy as just sending him a reminder card. In order to get to that point where he’s open to being reminded, some other things have to happen first. Posting a bunch of pictures on his Facebook wall of the two of you together is not going to do the trick. Neither is wallpapering his cubicle at work with all of your favorite memories. Step away from the crazy for a minute and work out a plan.

Right now, he’s not open to those pleasant memories. He ended the relationship for a reason that seemed valid at the time, and he’s sticking to his guns – at least temporarily. You’re probably not on his list of favorite people right now, and that’s okay. That just means you have time to put these steps into motion and make your chances for success even better.

He Can’t Miss You if You’re Still There

It’s a fear that plagues the mind of every girl that’s been dumped. They mistakenly believe that their ex is going to wake up one morning and not remember their name. That their memory is just going to be wiped clean of the entire relationship and their ex will move on like nothing ever happened. This is most girls’ worst nightmare, but it’s not a valid fear.

Unless your ex-boyfriend already had a new girl in mind when he ended your relationship, he’s probably looking to take some time away from the dating scene while he regroups. He may reconnect with some old friends or throw himself back into his old hobbies that were neglected while you two were dating. He may enjoy the benefits of the single life without being tied down. He’s probably in no rush to rejoin the relationship circle for a while. He may find some new girls to hang out with, but dating them is probably the last thing he wants.

Women have a tendency to turn this fear of being forgotten into action. They think that if they never really go away that their ex can’t forget about them. They’ll use any excuse to stay in his line of sight. They’ll keep calling, keep texting and email relentlessly. They may even hang around his neighborhood or pop by places they know he likes to go. They think that by putting themselves constantly around him he won’t have a chance to move on.

They’re wrong.

The truth of the matter is that once people start seeing something every day, it fades until it practically disappears. How many times have you been frantically searching your room for your keys when they’re really sitting right in front of you? You can’t find your makeup bag anywhere, but it’s resting exactly where you left it on your bathroom counter. The human mind is funny that way – it discounts things that are always present – and you’re no different in the eyes of your ex-boyfriend. You become desensitized to things, and if you’re always around he will do the same to you. The more you insert yourself into your ex-boyfriend’s line of sight, the less likely he is to actually see you. If he does see you, it will not be in a girlfriend capacity.

Things To Avoid After Break Up

– picking up the phone and calling your ex randomly
– sending emails or text messages to your ex – even ones that just say “hi”
– responding to any of his attempts to make contact
– letting him see you upset, sad or  lonely
– following your ex around or visiting his home or office
– using your friends to check up on your ex

If you’re guilty of any of the above common mistakes, you’re only putting off your chances of getting back together. The more you behave that way the less likely your reconciliation will become. If you continually do one or more of these things, you could be scaring him off permanently.

Post-Breakup To-Do List

– Avoid any contact made by your ex. If he messages you, ignore it
– stay away from Facebook, Twitter or any other social media sites
– keep yourself busy – hang with your friends or reconnect with your family
– do something for yourself – throw yourself back into an activity you enjoy
– revitalize your exercise routine and get yourself in shape
– remember what it feels like to have fun without your ex-boyfriend

Once you can focus on the positive things you can be doing with your time, you can then integrate other key steps into your routine that can get your ex’s attention back. If you can gain his interest again, getting him back can be accomplished even faster. The key to your actions here are to take your mind off of the breakup and its surrounding circumstances. Focusing on yourself not only does wonders for your self-esteem and confidence but it also creates an atmosphere of positive energy around you and make healing more productive.

Getting him back is a goal that is down the road from where you are now. You can’t get things back to the way they were, and that should not be your end aim. In order to start a romantic relationship with your ex-boyfriend again, you will need to start over from the beginning and build a new, revitalized and healthier relationship from the bottom up.

Make Him Jealous of Your Life

You don’t need to go out on a limb and take any drastic action to get him to be jealous of you and your new-found positive life. If you’re accomplishing the above list in spades and enjoying your time to the fullest, he already is. He still cares about you, but the truth is he doesn’t want to see you happy – not right now. By throwing yourself into things you enjoy and not letting the breakup affect you in a way that’s visible, he will start to doubt his decision to end things. It’s natural for him to start thinking about why you were able to move on so quickly. Every guy wants to be needed, and you’re showing your ex that you don’t need him to be happy. He will start to miss being the person that helped make you happy – and he will want to be that person again.

No guy will admit it but the truth of the matter is that guys want nothing more than to make their women happy. If their partner is happy and fulfilled, then the relationship can run smoothly and avoid any bumps in the road that are triggered by stress. Stress in turn causes unnecessary drama which is no fun. This is why most guys will gravitate towards the girls that seem the most care-free and fulfilled – they see those traits as indications of a happier and more enjoyable relationship.

Seeing you out and about with your girlfriends having a good time will start triggering memories for your ex-boyfriend. He’ll think back to the times that the two of you shared when you were the happiest. He’ll start mentally revisiting all the places you went together. Once he sees you accepting and having fun with your single life, his mind will start to turn. He’s going to be thinking about what your relationship was like and how it made him feel, and that will put him in the perfect position.

Every guy wants what they think they can’t have. It’s their number one desire. They think about it, dream about it and chase after it – and he needs to see you as that thing. If he puts you in the position of something he cannot have, the chase will begin. His natural instincts will kick into high gear, and he won’t stop until he has you again. He believes that since you used to be with him and you used to love him that he can get that back.

Play Up His Desire

Once you’ve become the object of his desire, you have his attention. You’ve stayed away from him for a while and he knows very little about your life and what you’ve been up to. Everything is new territory for him to rediscover – just like when you first met. Sticking to a strict no-contact policy after a breakup is always effective – it plays to his natural instincts to be curious and kicks his interest into high gear.

Use caution, however, and don’t go overboard. The one sure-fire way to douse his new-found interest with a bathtub full of cold water is to overplay your hand and give him the impression that you’re intentionally trying to make him jealous. No one likes to feel manipulated or used, and he is no exception to the rule. If he clues in to your master plan, he’ll see right through your intentions and you’ll have to start over again at square one – if you haven’t lost your chance for good.

Play A Careful Game Of Tug of War

Once you have gained your ex-boyfriend’s interest again, it’s time to start the tug-of-war back and forth to not only keep his interest but allow it to grow as well. It’s called a tug of war because it must be used with caution. The trick is to get him to chase you but not to give in too quickly. This will multiply his interest much faster than it would grow over time on its own.

You don’t want to play too hard to get or he could give up and move on from the attempt. If you give in too easily, however, he could start to wonder if it was all just a big game to get him back and will start to question the relationship again. By keeping a careful balance between the two extremes, you can reestablish the severed emotional bonds between you and your ex and allow for some fun at the same time. Don’t give in to all of his requests for information right away. Let him work towards the goal. Just keep it balanced and don’t move too far to one side over another.

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