How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After Cheating On Him

Infidelity is high on the list of things that can potentially break up a relationship. If you’ve been caught being unfaithful, you need to make some extra effort and do additional things to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Before you do anything, though, you need to figure out what you really want. Do you want your ex-boyfriend back because you genuinely love him and want a relationship with him? Do you want him back because it’s comfortable and you feel safe? If you made one mistake and had a one-night stand with someone else, it may be possible to repair a broken relationship and mend some of your ex’s broken trust. On the other hand, if you’re not sure that your affair was a one-time thing and there’s a possibility of it reoccurring, you may want to rethink what it is you want.

Unlike other common causes of breakups, infidelity requires a couple of extra things that would not otherwise be necessary. In order to get your boyfriend back successfully, you need to work on rebuilding his trust, you need to successfully earn his forgiveness and you need to make him believe that it was a mistake that will not be repeated.

A lot of couples who have tried to work through issues of unfaithfulness have failed in repairing their relationship. The trust is never quite reestablished and the negative feelings associated with a cheating partner cause the newly built relationship to end all over again. In order to regain a successful, lasting relationship with your ex-boyfriend again, these issues not only need to be addressed, they need to be resolved as well.

Cheating doesn’t have to mean the end of an otherwise healthy relationship. Overcoming it is a process that takes some work, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly difficult. A breakup caused by infidelity is usually a sudden, instinctive act. In other types of breakups, there has usually been a lot of thought put into the reality of life without your current partner. That period of preparation simply isn’t there in this scenario. Your ex left you because he felt hurt and betrayed – not because he didn’t still desire you or care for you anymore.

His feelings for you are not only still present, but they’re still going strong. He will act as if they’re gone for good but that’s simply the anger talking. He probably yelled and screamed and swore up and down that he would never look at you again – but his feelings for you are still there beneath the surface. They’re going to stay there – at least for a little while. This is the reason that repairing a broken relationship caused by infidelity can be easier than getting him back in other scenarios. He doesn’t need to reconnect with his feelings – they’re already there. You just have to deal with the fallout first.

First Steps

It’s hard to predict how your guy will act if he catches you being unfaithful – everyone reacts to painful or hurtful situations differently. For some, anger is their knee-jerk reaction. They’ll want revenge and immediately blame the guy that you cheated on him with. Other guys will make their unfaithful ex the target of their anger and vent their frustrations to them directly. Other guys may take the news calmly, but fall apart once they’re alone. Seeing your guy hurt because of your actions is never easy. No matter how your guy reacts to the discovery, your behavior should remain the same.

Allow His Anger

Admit it – he has a very good reason to be furious with you. Don’t make the mistake of trying to step in and reassure him or expect him not to be angry. Of course he’s going to be angry! Anyone who has ever had to deal with an unfaithful partner knows the feeling that balls up in the pit of their stomach – and it comes boiling over like hot lava that cannot be contained. Accept that his anger is justified. You messed up – and this is just one part of dealing with the consequences.

Believe it or not, you WANT this kind of reaction. He needs to vent his feelings and get all his anger out in the open as much as possible. He may throw things around or punch a wall. He may curse or scream, and that’s fine – as long as you are not in any physical danger. This isn’t the step that should cause you the most concern – this is simple venting behavior, and it’s not only healthy but necessary.

Apologize From the Heart – Once

It’s time to face up and give him the apology that he deserves. If your apology is not sincere, then it’s best not to say it at all. If he gets the feeling that you don’t mean it, things are going to get even worse. This is not the time for speech-making or for making excuses. Simply say you’re sorry – and mean it. Don’t even think about placing any of the responsibility on his shoulders. Don’t tell him that you were unfaithful because he was inattentive or because things weren’t going well. Just accept the fact that you made a mistake, regardless of your reasons for it. Anything you say here is going to be remembered for a long, long time so keep it short and simple and avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Don’t make this apology all about you and your feelings – it’s for him. If you feel yourself starting to get watery-eyed, take a few deep breaths before continuing. Get it all out in the open, and accept the blame for your actions. Just get it out once, and don’t repeat yourself. The next step is going to be hard, but you need to do it regardless of how he reacts to your apology.

Get Out Before it Gets Worse

Regardless of how he reacts to your apology or what he says afterwards, you need to get yourself away. Talking to each other right now is not going to work out well for either one of you, and you both need time to process what just happened. Once you got your apology out, your best course of action is to shut your mouth and leave the situation no matter what he says. You both need space, whether he realizes it or not.

It’s hard for a lot of people to leave the room when their partner is upset. They have the desire to fix things and make them all better in one sitting, but that’s simply not productive or healthy for either one of you. This reaction is mostly triggered by fear. The unknown is a powerful motivator to stay in an unhealthy situation too long, and it’s impossible to predict what your ex may do. But his anger is only going to get worse. If you stay after apologizing, you’re putting both of you at risk for an emotional blowup that cannot be taken back.

You can expect a breakup at this point – accept it. This is his instinctual reaction to your infidelity, and you should be prepared for it without question. Without putting up a fight, just accept his decision and leave. You cannot salvage your relationship at this present moment, but you can concentrate on winning him back later. He’s still angry, and who can blame him? With all those emotions rumbling around, it’s impossible to start from scratch and rebuild. That takes time. While you’re separated, try and learn as much as you can about forgiveness. Any techniques that allow for forgiveness after infidelity will come in handy for you down the road.

Let Him Think Things Through

If you ask people what their reaction would be to uncovering infidelity in their partner, most would say that they would immediately end the relationship. Despite this initial reaction, however, more couples get back together after an affair than are reunited for any other breakup reason.

You need to realize that despite the negative emotions that your ex-boyfriend is currently feeling, he does still have really strong feelings for you. The reason that he’s feeling so hurt is because of his feelings towards you. He needs to work out these feelings for himself, and you need to allow him to do that. He’s probably feeling a lot of frustration at himself right now as well. He’s upset that he can’t force himself to stop loving you – even though he caught you cheating. He probably wants nothing more than to just forget you and move on, but his heart isn’t letting him. This causes a lot of internal conflict.

There’s a war being waged in your ex-boyfriend’s head right now. He will feel justified in breaking up with you, but his heart will want to reconcile with you and find a way to work it out. He will go back and forth from one extreme to the other and try to come up with his own excuses for why you cheated. Because of this inner battle, it’s vital that you stay ambiguous if he asks you about the affair. He may insist that he wants all the details, but he doesn’t. Try to avoid outright lying, but omitting a few of the more difficult details is better for both of you. Don’t spill your guts and tell him everything that happened, every time it happened and exactly where it happened. He will never be able to get those details out of his head, and as long as he’s holding on to them he can’t move on.

Accept the Blame but Avoid the Payback

After some time has passed, you need to give your ex one last apology from the heart. It needs to include your assurance that the affair was your mistake and that it will not be repeated. Be prepared for the possibility that he may not believe you or want to listen to you with an open mind. It’s important for you to say it anyway and let it sink in. Part of him still cares for you and he wants to know that you wouldn’t do this to him again if he risks getting back together, and it’s something he needs to hear.

Just because you’re at fault for your cheating does not mean that you have to deal with whatever form of punishment or revenge he feels like dishing out, however. He may think that by hurting you back he is “getting even” with you. Or he may surround you with guilt and try to break you down. You don’t need to accept this type of behavior just because you were wrong. If he tries any of these manipulative techniques, it’s best to just let him be and step back from the situation entirely.

Gaining Forgiveness

Understand that forgiveness is not a simple decision – it’s a process. It won’t happen overnight and it may take a lot of time to achieve. You can’t just flip a switch and have things instantly back the way they were. Asking for forgiveness is going to take some time – and it may be a bumpy road.

Before he can sincerely forgive you for your affair, he needs to come to terms with it and accept the reality that it happened. He needs to think about the ramifications of your decision and decide if it’s something he can move past or not. The reality of the situation is that a lot of people can’t get over cheating. They will continue to use it as a weapon against their partner until the relationship eventually falls apart again. It will come up over and over again in every disagreement until both of you are completely worn down. If resentment builds and lingers in your relationship, the future is already on shaky ground. When possible, issues should be resolved and moved past in order to keep the slate clean and not hold grudges.

Before your ex-boyfriend can give you the same type of unconditional love that he used to, the broken trust has to be rebuilt. It can’t be rushed into by either one of you. Be patient and be patient with him as well. It’s a process that is worth the eventual reward.

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